Yoga Explained

Yoga began in the Indus Valley in India approximately 5000 years ago. What began as telling stories has become quite the buzz form of exercise today.  However, Yoga is meant to keep us out of our “heads” and forces us to stop and live in the moment.  Yes, you can alleviate pain, headaches, increase flexibility, lower blood pressure, and change your body.  With Yoga, you do so much more than just the physical.  This practice reinforces the Mind-Body connection.  What it isn’t; judgmental, racist, sexist, a religion, a cult, or voodoo.

I keep with traditional Yoga and Vinyasa.  What does that mean exactly?  What that means is breath and movement work together. Class moves slower and with more intention.  Will you sweat?  YES!!!!!  Connecting your breath and movement ignites your bodies heat to get the juices flowing.  Do I have to touch my toes to do yoga?  NO!!  Yoga isn’t about standing on your head, getting into a pretzel, or touching your toes.  It’s about the journey within you and your body.  Here is where healing begins.  Do I have to wear “yoga” clothes?  Nope; just comfortable, breathable, and form fitting.  This will allow you to move from one Asana (Pose) to another with ease.

My classes are intentionally small as to aid with better instruction and decrease intimidation.  Everyone can do Yoga and they should!  With a small class, each student is allowed to move within the comforts of their body.  Private sessions are available if you are not comfortable with class setting or want to work on something specific.  That could be a particular pose, sequence, or back pain, rehabilitation, etc.

Namaste…..which I like to translate to, “the light in me recognizes the light in you.”

Yoga Prices
Class drop-in $10
Private session (includes corrective exercises, assessment, etc) $70
4-Yoga Privates $260
8-Yoga Privates $480