Services and Packages

pexels-photo-167838.jpegSpringtime and Fall in NC!  Springtime….everything is blooming, birds are singing….and the pollen!  We grow pollen like it’s our job.  With this in mind, I have developed an Allergy/Sinus Package just for you.

Wonder what the total cost of Allergy/Sinus stuff may look like?

$600 – 1 week of work lost
$90 – copays for dr and pharmacy/ OTC headache med, tissues, etc
Total – $690 (family and friend time lost, time in general feeling crappy, vacations missed can’t be measured with $$)
$1380 if progresses to pneumonia or ear infection develops and out another week.

Now add Fall allergies; Ragweed, dust, mildew/mold.
$690 for 1 week out but $1380 if 2 weeks needed.
If both allergy seasons effect you this way, $2760 for the year! Curious as to how my Allergy/Sinus package** may help you?

**not a claim to cure any ailments. Only a means of symptom management.


Once you commit to this package you will receive:
30 days one-on-one with me
Anatomy lesson
Massage weekly
Videos to reinforce the work we do in the studio (these you will keep forever)
2-Aromatherapy Roller Balls specific for Allergy/Sinus Congestion

Contact me for more information!