About Me……

As a youngster, I knew I wanted to teach and help people feel better.  I taught dolls and barbies from the time I could talk. Not only were they my students, they were my patients as well.  See, I was a doctor when not in the classroom.  My barbies always lost their arms and legs that required surgery and care until they felt better.  One of them had to have a head transplant; which I performed with ease at age 5.  As of today, I am the youngest person ever to have successfully performed a complete head transplant.   So the desire and drive to help people was there from the beginning.

I graduated from High Point University in 1996 with a BS in Sports Management with an extensive background in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science.  Over the years, I have worked in various hospitals across NC in the areas of Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab, Exercise Physiologist, PT Tech, and Wellness Coordinator.  Before becoming a full-time Massage Therapist in 2006, I worked for Wake Forest Baptist Health in the Spine Center as their Exercise Coordinator.  Working with chronic pain and injury rehabilitation taught me that 85-90% of pain stems from soft tissue.

In 2005, I received my Diploma in Therapeutic Massage from Forsyth Technical Community College as well as my licensure to practice massage therapy in the NC.   I began teaching Anatomy and Kinesiology (study of human movement), Clinic Management, Special Populations, Posture Assessment, and Case Study for Forsyth Tech in 2006; where I continue to teach to this day.

When I decided to add Massage Therapist to my name, I knew that once I got my hands on muscles I would be able to help chronic pain, stress management, injury rehabilitation, general stiffness, etc.  When I view the body, I see through the skin to the muscles; always have! As a people watcher, I am constantly assessing for posture and gait.  From there, I can almost nail where there is dysfunction in the body. Drives my family and friends crazy.

I didn’t fit in with spas, franchises, or working for someone else.  I had to do my own thing for my own clients.  So in 2010 I opened my own practice.  This has allowed me to be completely different with everyone.  Have the freedom to go longer if needed, change treatment at drop of a hat, or just hold space if needed.  I have the freedom to listen and treat with ease.

In 2017, I received my 200-hour RYT for Yoga.  This solidified my dream of both Massage Therapy and Yoga as a healing tool.  Moving the body the way it was intended to move, not putting undue stress on our joints and muscles is how “to put the body back together.” After being an aerobic instructor and personal trainer for 15 years, Yoga and Massage has helped with various issues that risen from my own over use and injuries. Injuries from Clogging and Volleyball when I as younger, pregancy, surgeries, and general life curve balls.

All of this isn’t just used on clients…..this is the first thing I do when my husband has a softball injury, thrown too many baseballs to our 13 year old, twists wrong when he plays golf, etc.  Or when my 13 year old thinks he should throw a baseball at 95 MPH, try to dunk a basketball as soon as he gets out of bed, or that he doesn’t need to stay hydrated when playing in 100+ degree weather.  I also am very vocal when it comes to youth sports.  My son should be able to use his arm at 18 and be able to talk normally and retain information as he gets older. Why? There are certain physical stages in childhood and adolescence.  I know what happens inside the body and the damage that can happen. Cause no one should “have to have” Tommy John Surgery at 16.  And, you shouldn’t be throwing a curve ball before 13 or 14….and even then it’s questionable.

In my 20+ years of working with bodies, I understand normal changes that happen as we age, have an injury, what stress can do the body, how the female form can change, etc. It goes way beyond what is currently happening with your body, or that you sit all day, or decided to act as though you were 25 and are now 50 (I am guilty of that as well so I understand).  When you tell me about an old injury from 20 years ago, I put that with current pain and voila….treatment plan begins.  When you tell me about a medicine you are taking, have had or are currently undergoing cancer treatment, PTSD and other mental illness, are a caretaker for family member, I hear everything and we develop a personal treatment plan. Because remember, everything is connected.  Mind-Body-Soul

Love and Light!