Faith Above Fear

Before you say anything….this is not about any particular diety, religion, etc.  Because I am of the belief that God, Buddah, Allah, and all the others are one in the same.  This is just about Faith….pure and simple.

I would like to thank everyone who reached out after my previous blog post “What Happened to You?”  My intention was to just get all that stuff out and let others know they weren’t alone.  This crap is real and hard to live with when we keep it inside.  No one talks about it cause there really isn’t a “fix” for it.  After working with bodies over the past 20 years, I have seen what happens and will manifest in the body when unresolved issues are ignored.  Enter FEAR!

Fear is real folks!  We all feel it and deal with it in different ways.  The number one question we ask ourselves is, “what will people think?”  Admit it… do it too.  Plus, we judge others the same way; that being how we see ourselves is how we judge others.  That my friend is true!  Today’s world is different; we get things yesterday, afraid to fail or allow our children to fail, think everyone should be just like us….but then say, “be yourself!”  Crazy right?!?!?

Where does Faith Above Fear come in?  I had to ask myself that question a few weeks ago before writing.  OMG!  Folks are gonna know, what are they gonna say, will they still like me when the truth comes out?????  I had to have faith in order to step out into the light.  Which is wierd cause someone called me a Lightworker the other day.  So yeah….bringing myself into the light was scary.  So here is where Faith comes in.

See, if we don’t have faith we have nothing.  Stay with me here… that the sun will rise no matter what.  The moon is still going to be there although we can’t see it when it’s a new moon.  Our car is going to start when we get in, electricity will still be working when we need it, etc.  See where I am going with this?  It’s all faith people.  So me deciding that I had to put Faith Above Fear was what I did.  Now, there’s been so much fear more pouring out that I can’t stop it.

Seriously!!!!!  Will I still have a following if my practice moves into a different direction?  How am I going to be received when I follow my intuition and heart?  Where will I fit in now?  Will people think I am a sell out? Here is where my faith comes in guns a blazin!!!!!

See, I have been called to do much more than just “massage therapy.”  Although, working with the body includes mind and spirit, folks get tunnel vision and think it’s just physical manipulation of tissue.  Writing, speaking, and coaching are literally pulling at every part of my being.  The topics are of different areas other than physical form.  Cause guess what…’s all connected.

Before anyone reading this gets nervous, Massage Therapist will always be part of who I am. And I will always have my practice and continue working. However, I feel this pull to take it a step further.  What’s that step?  Who the heck knows!  My faith is just saying, “ride the wave sister.” So if I can start the uncomfortable conversations and make them comfortable, then let’s do it.

Growth happens when we step out of our comfort zone.  Fear is very good at keeping us in our warm and cozy bubble.  But hear this, all the greats just didn’t become great and successful because they were just lucky and never failed.  No, they failed and allowed that to ignite a fire.  This is where the success is born.  Taking responsibility for themselves, acknowledging the failure, stepping out of the bubble, and just moving forward.  Remember, the lotus doesn’t bloom unless it’s rooted in mud and pushed through.

Until next time, love and light!




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Candy Fleming, BS, NC-LMBT #5963, RYT-200

With 25+ years experience with the human body, movement, assessment, and massage, I bring everything to your session. Each session is completely tailored to you the client. No two bodies are the same neither should your treatment. Including single session, bundled and package sessions are available. Contact me for more details.

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