Massage Therapy is Healthcare

Massage Therapy is Healthcare

Massage therapy is broadly defined as the manual manipulation of soft body tissues to enhance health and well-being. Massage therapy services are used by patients and health consumers to address a wide spectrum of health related issues, ranging from improving general wellness to supporting the treatment of specific conditions. They either access these services directly or are referred to them by other health care professionals (HCPs). (

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) conducted a survey this year and found that 49% of folks used massage therapy for medical reasons.  Reasons such as pain relief, injury rehabilitation, and migraines to show how effective massage is.  The second area (29%)  was relaxation/stress reduction and anxiety (   Massage is very effective as it aids to the Mind-Body connection.  Allowing the body to be a rest while receiving treatment.

Understanding how the body works and how everything is connected as always been the way I approach treatment.  Massage is very helpful to treat chronic pain, scars, arthritis, pain management, and low back pain.  Along with massage,  movement is a way to continue with the healing process.  Once you have the tension released, moving your body the way it was intended is the icing on the cake.  Exercise???? Yes, just more specific how the body is intended to move.  I incorporate Yoga, Thai, stretching, and other movements to every session.

Injury rehabilitation is just one area of my expertise. During the rehabilitation phase, you don’t want to be still.  Together, we discuss what is appropriate movement and modifications as well.  Maybe your shoulder hurts due to heavy lifting on shoulder presses and triceps dips.  No, don’t stop doing that.  Just lighten the weight and modify the dips.  Remember, move with your body not against it.  Give it time to heal and rest.  The other end of that spectrum is YOU!  Being invested in your health and wellness is the key to you staying that way.  Being on top of this will allow the “bumps in the road” to not be so severe.

Peace, Love and Light!







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Candy Fleming, BS, NC-LMBT #5963, RYT-200

With 25+ years experience with the human body, movement, assessment, and massage, I bring everything to your session. Each session is completely tailored to you the client. No two bodies are the same neither should your treatment. Including single session, bundled and package sessions are available. Contact me for more details.

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